Stop by the Nebraska State Fire Marshal booth & experience the Fire Safety Trailer and partake in 811 games & giveaways!

The Fire Safety Trailer is a multi-function education tool designed to teach about fire dangers in homes, as well as provide practical experience exiting a room filled with smoke.  It contains stadium-type risers to allow instruction to up to a dozen young people at a time.  Most children are visual learners so the trailer provides a hands on experience.  Visual and hands on tools include: a kitchen with powered hazards; a fireplace for burn hazard awareness; a telephone with a live "operator" to practice 911 calls; a bedroom with an escape window to teach staying low and actually using the window to escape.  Along with all of this is the smoke generator.  "Smoke" is piped throughout the trailer, most specifically in the bedroom.

There will also be Nebraska811 activities and education giveaways.  811 is the number to contact before digging.  Stop by to play a game and learn all about digging safely and the unwanted consequences of not doing so.


Location(s) Booth #
Marketplace MP37