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Grinder Sandwiches - "Gragiano", Italian sausage, chicken, veggie & meetball, jalapeno poppers, cheese stix, totchos, gluten free fries & tater tots, Fairbury brand small & jumbo corndogs & Pepsi products including 32 oz souvenir cups (FP#201)

Sheboygan (Cimple) brand polish 1/4#, Fairbury footlongs and hotdogs, w/onions, peppers & kraut toppings, coffee and Pepsi products, 32 oz souvenir cups (FP#202)

"Holton" hamburgers, hamburger basket, double hamburger, double hamburger basket, cheeseburgers, cheeseburger basket, double cheeseburger basket, French fries, chicken strips, chicken strip basket, Pepsi products, 32 oz souvenir cups (FP#203)

"Boyles" jumbo smoked turkey legs, Pepsi products, 32 oz souvenir cups (FP#204)

Specialty corn dogs - double bacon corndog w/maple syrup, jalapeno cheddar cheese corndog w/nacho cheese, Italian sausage corndog, dilly dog, polish sausage and bratwurst corndog, double bacon cheeseburger corndog on a stick, cheeseburger on a stick, double bacon cheeseburger on a stick, chick & waffles & pepsi products (FP#302)  New in 2020 - Mozerella Stuffed Pickle

Location(s) Booth #
Food Pod 2 FP#201, FP#202, FP#203, FP#204
Food Pod 3 FP#302