The Nebraska State Fair offers the following rules to make your visit the best it can be. 


Dial 911.


Guns, knives, and other weapons are strictly prohibited.


Except for working animals, pets are not allowed on grounds.


Solicitation of any kind is not allowed on grounds or parkings areas. 

Wash Your Hands

When visiting animals, you are strongly urged to wash your hands in available hand washing stations or in the restrooms located in each building. This will help strop the spread of potential diseases. 


Smoking is not allowed in any building or within 20 feet of building entrances. Smoking is also prohibited in the Family Fun Zone. 


Bringing alcohol onto the fairgrounds is prohibited. Alcohol may be consumed only in designated areas by persons of legal age. 


Private golf carts, auxiliary vehicles, motorized vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles or skates and skateboards are not allowed. 


Fairgoers are asked to dress appropriately for a family atmosphere and with potential risk in mind when riding rides or other conveyance. 


Personal conduct should be maintained for a family atmosphere. 


Cameras and recording devices are not permitted at shows or concerts - they are welcome throughout the fairgrounds. 


All items in your possession are subject to inspection by fair and law enforcement officials. 

Lost or stolen items

The Nebraska State Fair is not responsible for lost or stolen articles in cars or on the person attending the fair. 

Personal risk

Fairgoers entering the fair do so at their own risk.


No helium balloons, brochures, handbills or adhesive stickers permitted on grounds or in parking areas. 


By entering, you hereby consent to the use of your photograph, image, voice, or a reproduction thereof, either in whole or in park for any and all advertising, promotional and publicity purposes without limitation or reservation. 


The Nebraska State Fair may change or modify existing rules at any time. 


For a complete list of all rules and regulations, please ask for a copy at the Welcome Center, at State Fair Administration or at the Media Center.