Forms are due April 26, 2019

You are invited to bring your environmental presentation, activity, or exhibit to the 2019 Nebraska State Fair (NSF) J-Tech Solar Sustainability Pavilion. The Pavilion includes a covered Activities Tent, stage, and Outdoor Exhibition Area. The Pavilion is located in the outdoor Market Place. If you are interested in participating, please complete this form.


See examples from last year's participants.


Contact Information


Presentation/Activity/Exhibit Information

What type of Environmental Sustainability education, activity, or exhibit would you bring to the Fair?
What is your primary focus?
What do you propose to bring?
Within the Sustainability Pavilion, would you prefer to be assigned to?

What will you need?

Estimated Time (in minutes)

Date and Time Preferences

The Sustainability Pavilion operates at the 2019 Fair daily, FRIDAY, AUG 23 through MONDAY, SEPT 2.

Special Recognition Days include:
  • Nebraska’s Largest Classroom (NLC) on Tuesday (8/27), Wednesday (8/28),  and Thursday (8/29)
    • NLC is classrooms of kids (around age 12) who will be at the Fair as a group, from about 10am – 2pm or later.
  • Older Nebraskan’s Day is celebrated on Monday (8/26)
  • 4H Livestock and FFA Youth are on Grounds throughout the second weekend (8/30 – 9/2).
  • Veteran’s Day is celebrated on Monday (9/2)

When would you prefer to participate?

Please select the general time of the day that you would prefer

Admission Ticket Requests

Admission tickets and parking are available for participants and presenters of the EVENT being described on this Request Form. Season Gate Admission is available for Participants who will work in the Pavilion eight (8) or more State Fair days.

Important Reminders

  • Signed Agreements to participate that are received before June 14, and that are confirmed by NSF will have the opportunity to be listed in the Fair’s website, social media pages, and other printed materials.
  • Requests for the EVENT and information about the EVENT must be submitted on this form.
  • If you reserve time on the stage, you will be responsible for filling that time, even if the original idea does not work out.  In this situation, please fill out a new form for the new EVENT.
  • Once the EVENT has been publicized, it must take place, it must start on time, and it must finish on time.
  • Only in very extenuating circumstances can an EVENT be canceled.  In this situation, notify the Sales Department immediately so that staff, volunteers, and the public can also be notified.  Please make every attempt to fill the time with some sort of activity.
  • Approved participants can operate WITHIN the Sustainability Pavilion, during their approved time slots only.  NO SOLICITING is allowed outside of the Sustainability Pavilion without a valid NSF Space Rental Contract.

Final placement of all requests is at the discretion of the Nebraska State Fair. This form is not a confirmation or guarantee, it is a request.  Scheduling and confirmation will take place in May through July 2019.

Thank you for your interest to share YOUR environmental message in the Sustainability Pavilion at the 2019 Nebraska State Fair!