Registration Deadline June 15, 2019


School Information


Director/Leader Information

Preferred Method Of Correspondence
Used for any changes, updates or new information

Summer Packet Information

Summer Information Packets - Packets will be sent in August and will require a signature. Unless noted otherwise below, packets will be sent to your school address. If you prefer for it to be mailed to a different address, please provide an address at which someone will be available to sign for the package.
Summer Contact Address

Date & Time Preferences

We will make every effort to accommodate your date and time preferences. Each entry will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Daily Celebration Parade

Do you wish to participate in the Daily Celebration Parade at 1:30pm?
Please note: This program is separate from the marching band program. 

Marching Band Route & Performance Stops

The marching band route starts at the Main Intersection, runs through the main throughway in front of the red barns, through the Market Place and returns back to the Heartland Events Center. (Distance is roughly 0.5 mile). This route includes 3 performance stops.

Marching Band Route

Please check the box next to your preferred performance stops (reference map). Note there are measurements next to each of the performance stops. Please make sure your band will fit within that allotted performance space. If your band does not fit within those space requirements, we ask that you skip that performance stop.
Please select your preferred performance stops below:


To help our staff better prepare in providing your admission wristbands please provide us with accurate attendance numbers below. Please notify us immediately if any information on this registration changes. Please enter the number of people that will be attending in each of the following groups: 


To help our staff better prepare in providing your bus parking passes, please provide us with accurate vehicle numbers below. Please notify us immediately if any information on this registration changes.

How many of the following vehicles will you bring?

Arrival & Departure Times

Terms and Signup

By agreeing to the Marching Band Registration terms and conditions, I hereby certify that I have read and agree to the information below.
  • Final acceptance of all entries is at the discretion of the Nebraska State Fair.
  • Wristbands are for participants, administrative staff, and sponsors ONLY. Parents/family members will need to purchase gate admission.
  • Parent vehicles will need to park in general parking. If there is a parent driving a trailer for your bands instruments, make sure that is marked on your registration form, so the NSF knows to mail a pass out for that vehicle.
  • There will be some walking from the bus parking to the staging area. The NSF has positioned the bus area as close logistically as possible to the staging area.
  • Please be advised that if inclement weather (rain) occurs, the marching band performances will continue as scheduled.
  • By agreeing to perform at the Nebraska State Fair, your band hereby consents to the reproduction and use of their photograph, image, voice or a reproduction thereof, either in whole or in part for any and all advertising, promotion and publicity purposes without limitation or reservation, and without any right to compensation for that reproduction/use.
  • Dressing rooms are not available, with the exception of Wednesday, Aug. 29, so please plan accordingly.