Deadline July 1, 2019

Approval must be received from the Space Rental Department before any giveaway is distributed at Nebraska State Fair. 


Giveaway items, Freebies and Samples will be listed on the Nebraska State Fair website. 


Please list promotional items below

Promotional items must be offered to guests with no restrictions and include (i.e. rulers, keychains, pens, etc.)


DO NOT list brochures/flyers/literature/handouts that pertain directly to your business.

Nebraska State Fair Rules & Regulations
  • 10.0 All Partners (Concession, Vendor, Sponsor, etc.) wishing to offer food or beverage items for sample MUST adhere to the 2 ounce maximum size.  The Central District Health Department (CDHD) DOES require a permit to prepare any food and/or beverage items for distribution, sale, or sample. 
  • 17.1 Lessee may advertise at and distribute from within the leased space only. Lessee shall post no signs except those approved by Lessor. Signs denoting ownership, proprietorship, or name given to the place of business shall be permitted.
  • 17.2 Lessee, including wholesalers, retailers, bottling companies or other distributors serving Lessee, shall not post signs, bills, cards, stickers or other advertising matter on any of the buildings, light posts, or other structures of any nature. 
  • 17.3 Helium filled balloons as giveaway items and promotional stickers are not allowed (stickers see rule 5.12) Helium tanks are not allowed inside buildings by recommendation of the State Fire Marshall.
  • 17.4 Any items given away by Lessee as a promotional piece must bear advertising of the Lessee giving the item away. The excessive distribution of promotional items, handbills, cards or any other advertising matter by the Lessee is strictly prohibited. No vehicle will be permitted to park in the parking areas on the ground for the sole purpose of advertising.