Animals galore, come meet them!

All the animals are here! From farm critters to exotic species, the State Fair is a zoo – or barnyard – of friends waiting to meet ya.

Avenue of Breeds

Sheep barn, Tom Dinsdale Auto Cattle Barn, Aurora Co-op Pavilion

Cattle, sheep, hog, rabbit and poultry exhibitions of a variety of breeds per species.

Birthing Pavilion - New Babies!

Presented by Nebraska Cattlewomen
Sheep Barn

Come see all the babies! New this year are baby ducks hatching, along with their little buddies the chicks. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the birth of a calf, piglet or lamb too. And we might even have baby goats this year! Veterinarian students are on hand to answer lots of questions.

Butterfly Encounter

Sustainability Pavilion

Enter the magical world of monarch butterflies, learn about their role in nature, and one just might land on your nose!

Camel & Pony Rides

Family Fun Zone

Great for Little's first ride, climb aboard and be a lil’ cowpoke. Or if desert exploration is more your fashion, take a ride on a camel. *Fee applies.

Dusty Trails Horseback Riding

Presented by Orscheln Farm & Home
Thompson Foods Arena Complex

Come visit Dusty and his pals Captain, Sis and all the gang for real up-close horsin' around. For the first time, come brush, lead, saddle and learn all about your equine friends...what they eat, how to take care of their feet, and everyday KP.

Plus horseback rides! Yep, pardner, saddle up and take a ride together right here at the Fair! *Fee applies.

Great Big Boar and More

Aurora Co-op Pavilion, Tom Dinsdale Auto Cattle Barn

These animals are huge and proud of it! Come see Buffalo the Berkshire boar and Junior the steer. Read how much they weigh and how much they actually eat, too. Yowza.

Hedrick's Meet The Animals

Presented by Protect the Harvest
Family Fun Zone

A hands-on experience…pygmy goats, donkeys, pot-bellied pigs, camels and a giant tortoise. Come and party with the animals! 

Hedrick's Racing Pigs

Market Place

Racing against bacon, snout to snout, these speedy hams race around a track for the big prize...and Oreo cookie! More fun than you can oink at.

Milking Parlor

presented by Midwest Dairy
Tom Dinsdale Auto Cattle Barn

Happy cows make nutritious milk. Stop by the Milking Parlor and hear all about milking cows as these girls show you how they provide protein-rich mile for ice cream, butter, yogurt and so much more. Guess what? The Ice Cream Parlor is right next door.

Sheep Shearing

Sheep Barn - East End
Aug. 26-30

Whew! It's getting hot in here...might need a haircut. You'll find shearers removing thick wool from sheep. You'll get to feel the soft wool and find out why sheep are so important - like for sweaters and stuff!

Stingray Encounter

Presented by Home Innovations
Market Place

Safely view and touch these wonderful creatures of the sea. This beautiful exhibit is the only traveling stingray experience in the world.

Young Living Oils Percheron Stable

Market Place

All week long, you can visit Jason and Rose with their friends, the Percheron horses. These massive black beasts weigh in at one ton a piece and are just waiting for you to come visit their stable. You might find them getting fed, brushed or harnessed with their beautiful chrome-polished leather gear.


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