Your Heritage From The Roots

All things come to us from the soil...the gardens we grow; the grass and hay grown to feed livestock; corn, soybeans, wheat and sugar beets for so many foods; barley and hops for beer. Nebraska State Fair is committed to opening doors of conversation about where your food comes from, how it's grown and how Nebraska farmers and ranchers are feeding a hungry planet.

Birthing Pavilion

Presented by Nebraska Cattlewomen
Sheep Barn

Come see all the babies! New this year are baby ducks hatching, along with their little buddies the chicks. Baby goats are expected too this year! If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the birth of a calf, piglet or lamb too. Veterinarian students are on hand to answer lots of questions.

Milking Parlor

presented by Midwest Dairy
Tom Dinsdale Auto Cattle Barn

Happy cows make nutritious milk. Stop by the Milking Parlor and hear all about milking cows as these girls show you how they provide protein-rich mile for ice cream, butter, yogurt and so much more. Guess what? The Ice Cream Parlor is right next door.

Sheep Shearing Demos

Sheep Barn - East End
Aug. 26-30

Whew! It's getting hot in here...might need a haircut. You'll find shearers removing thick wool from sheep. You'll get to feel the soft wool and find out why sheep are so important - like for sweaters and stuff!