SEPTEMBER 24-27, 2020


covid-19 Specific

MASKS:  At this time, the Nebraska State Fair is highly recommending that all attendees, volunteers, and staff wear a facial covering for the consideration of others.  However, facial covering will not be required.  The Fair will provide facial coverings for staff and volunteers.

TEMPERATURE CHECKS:  The Nebraska State Fair asks if people are feeling feverish to stay home.  Depending on phase requirements, the Fair can temperature check staff teams daily during the showcase of 4-H and FFA livestock and static exhibits.

HAND WASHING STATIONS:  In addition to the excellent restroom facilities on the Fonner Park Campus, the Fair will offer over 100 sanitizing hand washing stations.

SOCIAL DISTANCING:  Fair attendees are reminded that six feet is the recommended guideline for healthy distancing separation between groups or strangers.  



Nebraska State Fair August 28-September 7, 2020

NSF completed an application for CDHD on August 8, 2020. The goal of COVID-19 Event and Gathering Safety Plan is to limit the spread of the coronavirus and keep workers and attendees safe at gatherings, events and venues. 

We have reduced our event significantly. By restructuring our livestock show schedule, we have a separate term for 4-H and FFA and Open Class. Fewer entries will be on grounds on any one day, we did CANCEL a number of livestock competitions for 2020. Static exhibits will be displayed in a larger area with room to spread out. Indoor facilities will have separate ENTER and EXIT and one-way traffic flows marked. Messaging via PA announcements (grounds-wide and at contests) and electronic via website and social media.  Printed signage will be placed throughout the Fairgrounds. Extra emphasis will be at all drive-in gates and in areas where seating is available.  Provide disposable face coverings for any receptive staff, attendees, vendors, concessionaires, and exhibitors at north, south, and main entry gates.  Shields are also available at each of these gates. We intend to take and log temperatures for all FTE (full time employees) and Volunteers on a daily basis.