Concert Lineup by Calendar

  • Aug. 23: Granger Smith feat. Earl Dibbles Jr. — 8pm
  • Aug. 24: Brett Eldredge with special guest Devin Dawson — 8pm
  • Aug. 25: Cody Jinks — 8pm 
  • Aug. 26: The Drifters, Cornell Gunther's Coasters, The Platters — 11am
  • Aug. 26: Whiskey Myers with special guest Reckless Kelly — 8pm
  • Aug. 27: Theory of a Deadman — 8pm
  • Aug. 28: Bad Wolves — 8pm
  • Aug 29: Zach Williams — 8 pm
  • Aug. 30: Maren Morris — 8pm
  • Aug. 31: Halestorm — 8pm
  • Sept. 1: Little Big Town — 8pm
  • Sept 2: Trace Adkins — 5pm

How Bundles Work!

Each bundle you purchase will come with three separate concert tickets and three separate gate admissions. When you print off your tickets at home, you will have six sheets of paper (tickets)!

The cool part is you can break your bundle apart. Say your cousin Joe wants to go to Bad Wolves, and you only want to see Halestorm and Theory of a Deadman. That's perfect...give your extra concert ticket and gate admission to Joe! We don't care how you split them up with friends and family, just make sure people come so we can keep having good shows at Nebraska State Fair!

Bundle Details

  • Rock, Hot Country, Red Dirt Bundles
  • Bundle price: $79 — Includes gate admission (a $12 value per ticket)
  • Pit Bundle price: $129 -- Includes gate admission; surprise perks revealed with this package in the coming months
  • Whichever bundle you purchase, you will receive one concert ticket for EACH show. Ex: I bought a Red Dirt Bundle, I received one Granger Smith ticket, one Cody Jinks ticket, and one Whiskey Myers/Reckless Kelly ticket PLUS I received three separate gate admissions.
  • Limited number of single tickets: $48 — Includes gate admission; on sale late spring
  • All seats apart from the Pit are reserved. Pit is standing room only (SRO); first come, first served
  • No single ticket sales for the Pit
  • No age restrictions
  • All bundle shows start at 8pm, doors open at 6pm
  • When buying online, facility and convenience fees apply; no convenience fees when buying at the State Fair Box Office