We are thrilled for your arrival at the 150th Nebraska State Fairabration!  It’s going to be an exciting weekend! 

As you are aware the rain has created the need for changes in unloading and parking. Your leadership team has researched several options, with a focus on your safety and convenience.  Below you will find the revised outline of livestock unloading and exhibitor parking – note those steps bolded

Thanks for your patience.  We will continue to keep on top of weather changes as they occur and let you know via email and social media.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Entry to Grounds, Trailer Parking and Exhibitor Parking

  • Beef, swine, goat and sheep exhibitors will need to enter the East Entrance to the Brunk’s Lot from Stolley Park Road.
    • Be prepared for a longer wait as Stolley Park road will be used to stage trailers into Brunk’s Lot.  Families exhibiting sheep, goats and swine may want to arrive on Thursday to avoid potential lines on Friday.
    • Livestock will be health checked at this time.
  • All exhibitors should pick up their exhibitor packet at Livestock Check-In Trailer (north side of Brunk’s Lot)
  • Exhibitors who are only showing rabbits and poultry, you will need to go through Brunk’s Lot from Stolley Park Road; there will be an express lane to speed you through the process as you do not have to have your animals checked by the vet.
  • After checking in at Livestock Check-In Trailer:
    • Swine Exhibitors enter Fairgrounds through Gate #3
    • Cattle, sheep and goat exhibitors enter Fairgrounds through Gate #4
  • Once unloaded, all exhibitors will exit to east and south through Gate #2.
  • NEW: Due to moisture levels, trailers will not be stored in Brunk’s Lot.
  • NEW: After unloading and exiting grounds, trailers will be directed to the Veteran’s Field Softball Complex, 2820 N. Broadwell Ave., Grand Island, NE. The Veteran’s Field Softball Complex will have on site security and is completely paved.  This space if for trailers only.
    • Families are not required to use the Veteran’s Field Softball Complex but this is a viable and secure alternative.
  • NEW:  Weather permitting, exhibitors with an exhibitor parking permit may be able to park in exhibitor parking inside Gate #3 (3A) or in the lot west of the Exhibitor Parking area (3A). Exhibitors will not be able to park their vehicles in Brunk’s Lot.
  • NEW: Another option for livestock exhibitor vehicles (not trailers) starting on Friday, August 30 at 4PM is the JBS Swift Parking Lot located at 555 S Stuhr Rd., Grand Island. This lot will be used for exhibitor parking (no permit required) and will have a shuttle service available running from 5-9 AM and again at 5-10 PM, daily.


ADA Transportation Options

Limited ADA parking is available via gate 5-A.  You can also use the mini shuttles which are ADA accessible.

Rules and Information 

4-H / FFA information for livestock and static exhibits may be found within organization sites below.  Additional State Fair Livestock rules that apply to all shows may be found here.

Elite Showmanship Contest

The Elite Showmanship Contest is open to 4-H/FFA competitors (one exhibitor per county). 

NEW: 4-H/FFA livestock exhibitors are eligible for the AGI/MFS Top Gun Maverick awards and scholarships this year.


Be sure to thank Kayl Heating and Air, and Casey's General Stores for sponsoring market champion scholarships.